Precautions For Diaper Purchase

Mar. 26, 2019

We all know that it is very common to wear diapers in infants and young children, and nowadays diaper brands are all kinds of colors, many people often look at the time of selection. If the quality of the purchased diapers is not enough, the skin of the person wearing it will be affected, so it is especially valuable to choose a suitable diaper product. As a company that produces Baby Diaper Nonwovens Fabrics, we have the following recommendations.

When choosing a diaper, consider the particularity of the degree of sensitivity of individual skin. After selecting a suitable diaper, you should consider the following:

1. It is necessary to wear a person's body shape. In particular, the elastic grooves in the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be injured.

2. Diapers should be soft, do not cause allergies, skin care ingredients, to have super absorbent.

3. Pick diapers from Breathable Nonwoven Fabrics. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the skin is difficult to handle. If moisture and hot air are not properly permeable, convulsions and diaper rash are easily generated.

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