How To Distinguish Inferior Sanitary Napkins?

Apr. 01, 2019

As a Sanitary Napkin Non Wovens Fabrics Manufacturer, let's teach you how to identify inferior sanitary napkins.

1. Smell the smell carefully

When buying sanitary napkins, you must buy unscented, because the taste of sanitary napkins will not only cause female gynecological diseases, but also help to mask the taste of bleach. When you open the sanitary napkin to check if it is high-quality cotton pulp, you can also carefully smell whether there are other chemicals.

2. Pull open and look inside

I just said that after the feel can be distinguished whether it is inferior cotton, if you are not at ease, you can pull the sliver to see the material inside. A good sanitary napkin is made of a fluff pulp that is highly absorbent and loose. Inferior sanitary cotton is made from waste, scraps, etc., although it is drifting, but it can still be distinguished.

Sanitary Napkin Nonwovens Fabrics

3. Touch it loosely and comfortably

We put the sanitary napkin on the hand and carefully touch it. The good Sanitary Napkin Nonwovens Fabrics should be thin and even, the surface is clean, the color is normal (not too white or too dark), and it can be loose and light when pinched by hand. soft. Assuming that it is inferior cotton, the hand feel will be harder and uneven.

4. Avoid greed and cheap

5. Try to choose a big brand

Regarding the difference between sanitary napkins, it is necessary to select a big brand when selecting a brand. Because the inside of the sanitary napkin is made of what kind of material, we can't find other areas before buying it. So, if you don't know anything, try to pick a famous brand. In other selections, in addition to paying attention to the sealing of the outer packaging, it is also necessary to investigate the product identification and try to select products that have recently been produced.

6. The test has good permeability.

TV ads often use a glass of water to test the absorption of sanitary napkins. So, we can also use this method to distinguish whether Sanitary Napkin Nonwovens Fabrics are safe. Pick a liquid close to the blood concentration and have a temperature of one degree or warm water, and pour it directly onto the sanitary napkin. If it is absorbed quickly, it proves to be a good sanitary napkin.