Why Use The Non Woven Fabric Planting Bag?

Mar. 11, 2019

In the actual afforestation work of forestry and wasteland, it is found that the unfavorable conditions such as poor site conditions, saline-alkali land, late frost and freezing damage restrict the afforestation survival rate and the development of forestry and fruit industry in many areas. In recent years, the implementation of economic forests in barren beaches has been carried out due to poor site conditions. The salinity and heavy spring frost seriously affected the survival rate. After the breeding of the seedlings of Non Woven Fabric Planting Bag, the growth rate of afforestation was improved. So what are the benefits of using non-woven fabrics? Today, Fleece Non Woven Fabric Supplier will give you a detailed explanation.

1. Protected places choose sandstorms with small hazards, sufficient sunshine, centralized contiguous, and conducive to unified management; choose areas with no houses, forest belts and other objects in the south and north of the greenhouse.

2, the water source is convenient, there is tap water or machine well, which is conducive to irrigation; the power supply is smooth, it is convenient for night construction in the greenhouse and the seeds are heated and germinated by electricity; the road is smooth, easy to manage seedlings, transport of production materials, and transportation of seedlings. Non-woven bag seedling price

3, requires the surrounding labor is sufficient, or close to the labor market, the employment is convenient, according to the nursery technology can hire skilled and cultivated technical personnel.

4, the soil is selected to have a dry and fertile soil that has been planted for many years, which is convenient for carrying seedlings when the seedlings are crowned.

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