Agricultural Non Woven Fabrics Can Control Weeds

Mar. 01, 2019

Agricultural Non Woven Fabrics can control weeds. Many people know that non-woven fabrics can be used as clothing, packaging, and disinfection products. However, they do not know anything about the application of non-woven fabrics in agriculture. There are many kinds of non-woven fabrics, and the corresponding industries. It is also very extensive, and one of them can be used as a control for weeds.

This kind of non-woven fabric is inexpensive and works well. Eliminating the weeding process can kill most of the weeds, and the dead weeds will not pollute the environment, and can return to the field as a fertilizer, but also play a role in loosening the soil.

With the development of non-woven technology, not only agriculture, but also many industries in life have gradually appeared in the form of non-woven fabrics, optional non-woven fabrics, Extra Wide Non Woven Fabric Factory, Qingdao Yihe worthy of your trust!

Agricultural Nonwoven Fabrics