Experts Teach You To Quickly Identify Good Quality Diapers 1

Jun. 10, 2019

What kind of diaper is a good quality diaper? One of the most important points is the softness of the diaper. The diaper is a thing that is worn on the baby for 24 hours. Soft and comfortable is an important aspect.

Nowadays, there are many brands of diapers. Mothers must be cautious when choosing for their baby. If you use inferior diapers, it may cause serious harm to your baby's health and need to attract the attention of the majority of mothers! As a Non Woven Fabrics In Hygiene Manufacturer, we teach you to identify from the following aspects:

Diaper construction analysis

The small diaper seems to be inconspicuous, but it is actually a very strong liquid control system, which consists of the surface layer, the drainage layer, the absorbent core, the base film, and the anti-side leakage of the leg.

1. Surface layer

The top layer directly touches the baby's soft skin, so it is soft and breathable, it does not absorb water itself, and it can quickly penetrate the urine to the next layer of material to maintain the smoothness of the skin.

How did it do it? We need to understand the material of the lower layer.

The material used for the top layer is Flexible Non Woven Fabrics. The most commonly used category of diapers is hot air non-woven fabric and spunbond non-woven fabric, in which the hot air non-woven fabric functions very well. The hot air non-woven fabric has an outstanding space structure, which increases the open space between the fibers, which is both breathable, and the urine can also pass through the empty space to reach the next layer of material.

The inevitable material thickness, in turn, complicates the liquid ascending channel, prevents liquid reverse osmosis, and then reduces the amount of rewet.

Flexible Non Woven Fabrics

2. Diversion layer

The diversion layer is located between the surface layer and the absorbent core, and its function is to enable the diaper to absorb liquid quickly, efficiently and uniformly. Because the baby's urine is part of the diaper, if it cannot be promptly and quickly guided to another location, it will cause the core of the diaper to form a blockage due to excessive absorption, and then cause back osmosis.

Compared with the Flexible Non Woven Fabrics of the surface layer, the fibers of the drainage layer are mainly placed in the longitudinal direction. When the urine reaches the drainage layer, the fiber web of the drainage layer will immediately absorb the liquid. After temporary storage, the liquid collar will follow along. The longitudinal fibers are dispersed until they are absorbed by the core layer, avoiding the phenomenon that the core layer partially clogs back due to a large amount of liquid absorption.