How To Distinguish The Material Of Microfiber Cloth And Non-woven Fabric?

Apr. 29, 2019

As a Sanitary Napkin Nonwovens Fabrics Manufacturer, let's talk about how to distinguish between microfiber fabrics and nonwovens.

Microfiber cloth features:

1. Feel soft and light.

2. Stick the microfiber cloth on the ordinary cloth clothes. Under the vertical state of the clothes, the super fiber is also attached to the clothes, which means that the fiber has a fineness and is a microfiber cloth.

3. When the real microfiber is smashed into a ball, it is slower to unfold, and the fake microfiber is quickly loosened.

Breathable Nonwoven Fabrics

Non-woven fabric features:

1. Pay attention to whether the light transmission performance of the cloth surface is consistent (this is an important and simple method to judge the uniformity of the cloth surface). Then spread on a flat ground, evenly distributed products, the fabric should be no ups and downs.

2. Observe whether the cloth surface is shiny. There are no fibers floating on the surface, if there is no dull or a lot of float, it is mostly produced by returning materials. Tear a piece of cloth, burn it completely with fire, observe the burning residue, good product, less residue and flat, the secondary material is produced, the residue has a lot of tiny particles of dust.

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