The Four Importance Of Sanitary Napkins, Have You Noticed?1

May. 24, 2019

Measuring the "good or bad" of sanitary napkins involves the following aspects: breathability, absorption, side leakage, and reverse osmosis. As a Non Woven Fabrics In Hygiene Manufacturer, let's see how important these properties are to women. 


The surface of the high-quality sanitary napkin adopts the punching technology, and the penetration speed is faster. At the same time, the polymer absorbent beads are evenly distributed inside the sanitary napkin, which can effectively absorb and lock the moisture, prevent leakage, and can greatly improve the moisture of the sanitary napkin surface. Environment to reduce bacterial growth.

Breathable Nonwoven Fabrics


The ventilated sanitary napkin can smoothly pass the gas-like water molecules, so as to release the moisture in time, effectively reduce the effect of the sanitary napkin and the body moisture, and reduce the humidity and sultry between the sanitary napkin and the body, and maintain Dry and fresh feelings.

If the towel is thinner and the material is dominated by the more bulky natural Breathable Nonwoven Fabrics, and the breathable base film and thin strip adhesive are used, the sanitary napkin will be more breathable, and it is not easy to lock the heat and odor.