How To Distinguish The Material Of The Non-woven Fabric?

Jun. 04, 2019

As a company that provides Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric, let us introduce the method of distinguishing non-woven materials.

Experienced usually have a certain understanding of common cloth and style, crafts, materials, by hand, visual diaper non-woven fabric can quickly confirm the approximate weight of the product, material ratio, and process. First, confirm the production method or process of the cloth. The production method of different medical non-woven fabrics directly determines the possibility of selecting the material or the disposable non-woven fabric of the raw materials. For example, the spunlaced non-woven fabric, the commonly used materials are polyester and viscose. There are PP, but less, and the spunbonding method is very common.

Different raw materials have certain characteristics, such as adhesive water absorption, PP generally does not absorb water (also hydrophilic), accurate fiber testing should be professional institutions. Pure PP may mean that the spunbonded nonwoven fabric is 100% pure PP. The cloth added with the material is short, the fiber is dark, the color is poor, and the strength can be judged by the experienced hand tearing.

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