What Are The Characteristics Of Using Agricultural Non Woven Fabrics?

Jan. 07, 2019

As a new generation of green materials, Agricultural Non Woven Fabrics are used in all walks of life. Non-woven fabrics are not only used as fabrics, but also used to grow flowers and plants. The use of Garden Fleece Non Woven Fabric has many advantages:

1. The roots of plants are not easy to grow. Because the non-woven tree planting bag is made of strong polypropylene material, it has high strength, can effectively prevent the roots of plants from growing outward and surround, and also ensures the benign growth of the roots, thus greatly reducing the probability of packing and promoting The roots are in full contact with the ground.

2. Transplantation is convenient and suitable for all seasons. Plants that grow in tree-planting bags do not penetrate under the roots. Because 90% of the roots of plants grow in tree-planting bags for a long time, they are not affected by the outside world, so they are suitable for transplanting in different seasons.

3. The success rate and quality of transplantation have been improved. Traditional transplantation methods have a greater impact on plant roots. However, it is not a good idea to transplant the tree bag as much as possible without any pruning of the plants, which greatly improves the survival rate and quality.

4. Reduced cultivation costs. The integration of the operation procedures of the nursery technology, that is, the breeding of various seedlings for live seeding or cutting seedlings, is completed in the same container, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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