How Is The Non-woven Fabric Made?

Dec. 07, 2018

The Non-woven FabricTraditional fabrics, whether woven or knitted or other weaves, are fiber-spun-woven, and non-woven does not require spinning, hence the name. The main process of Fire Retardant Non Woven Fabric is fiber-relay-consolidation, which is mainly classified according to the method of consolidation and netting, mainly Spun Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics, spunlace, impregnation, acupuncture, hot rolling. Wait. Whether it can be degraded depends mainly on the type of fiber. If it is all natural fiber, it is definitely possible. If it can be recycled, it is actually a green material, but most non-woven fabrics, especially common non-woven bags, are spunbonded. This fiber material is PP, polypropylene, which is not degradable.

Spun Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics