How To Store Non-woven Fabrics?

Jan. 18, 2019

Non-woven Fabrics produced by non-woven fabrics are a new type of products. Although they are called cloths, they are not real cloths. Just because they have some performance characteristics of cloth, when non-woven fabrics are stored, What should I pay attention to? Today, Fleece Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer will tell you the answer.

If the non-woven fabric is used to store meat and fresh vegetables, the bag must be cleaned before storage. After washing, it should be placed in the sun or in a well-ventilated place for drying. After drying, the bag can be folded and stored. If it is not cleaned, it may cause bacterial growth for a long time. It has a great influence on the quality and life of the non-woven fabric. Of course, the storage environment should also be airy and dry, because the wet environment is easy. Breed some mosquitoes and affect its quality.

Many common items in our lives are caused by improper use or storage, which affects the quality of their use. Only when they are handled improperly, many small things often cause unnecessary trouble, so we are in daily life. We must develop good habits in our lives, which is necessary for our healthy life.

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