We Know That Non-woven Fabrics Are Widely Used In Life

Dec. 21, 2018

We know that Non-woven Fabrics are widely used in life.

For example, we are familiar with non-woven bags, diapers, disposable masks. Do you still know that non-woven fabrics have a cold-proof effect in agriculture?

If you really have this effect, you will definitely ask: Does the Agricultural Non Woven Fabrics work better than ordinary plastic film? Is there any specification limit? Is the price of cloth high? Can you really cover it without a shelf? where can buy this?

Pp Non Woven Fabrics is a new type of cold-proof covering cloth, which can replace the traditional Dapeng film, cold and breathable, no burning fruit and tips, even coloring, good selling! The most important point is that you don't need fruit racks, reduce costs and manpower, and it's simple and convenient!

PP non-woven fabric can not only effectively prevent freezing damage, but also breathable to prevent burning of fruit and burn the leaves, increasing the color and color of the fruit. Some farmers have already used it and won unanimous praise, which is very popular among farmers.

Characteristics of PP non-woven fabric:

1. Ventilation and ventilation, no water seepage, frost-proof snow and freezing rain, natural ventilation in the shed under high temperature.

2. After covering, the temperature and humidity in the shed can be kept relatively stable and naturally adjusted.

3. Farmers have strong mobility, and they change the cold cloth in advance to solve various problems caused by the difficulty in collecting traditional plastic films such as extreme weather due to cold air.

4. Ventilation and ventilation are good, you can save the materials, save time and labor, and reduce the input cost. Reduce the internal freezing rate at low temperatures and maximize the quality of products in low temperature areas.

5.PP Nonwoven Spunbond Fabric will automatically degrade and is an environmentally friendly and harmless product.

Agricultural Nonwoven Fabrics