What Is The Daily Maintenance Method Of PP Non-woven Fabric?

Nov. 22, 2018

PP Spun Bonded Non Woven Fabrics is a completely different kind of product from traditional textile materials. There are no textile needles and no latitude and longitude intersect. Because of its light weight, small weight, easy to decompose indoors, and easy to decompose in the environment, it is very popular among people from all walks of life. Then how to maintain the PP non-woven fabric every day, let's look at it together.

1. If you find the ball, don't pull it hard, but use scissors to cut the pompon to avoid the consequences of unrepairable because of the off-line.

2. Do not wear too long at the same time, do not exceed 5 days, so as not to restore the elasticity after the fiber is damaged and deformed. When dressing, pay attention to the lining of the outerwear to be smooth, and do not install hard objects in the pockets, avoid local friction and pilling, and avoid wearing friction or hooking when wearing.

3. At the same time, pay attention to ventilation and moisture, avoid fading in the dark, and do not expose to dust. Anti-mildew and insect repellent should also be placed in the closet. When the seasons alternate, you need to clean, iron, dry and then put them into a fresh-keeping bag to seal and keep them. Remember to lay them flat!

4. Always pay attention to cleaning, diligent replacement, to prevent the growth of bacterial aphids.

The above is the detailed content of the daily maintenance specifications of PP non-woven products summarized by Xiaobian. If you don't understand anything, you can contact us directly. We are Pet Pads Non Wovens Fabrics Supplier, if you want to know more about our Spun bonded nonwoven fabrics, you can contact us.

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