The Main Classification of Non-woven Fabrics

Aug. 14, 2019

Non Woven Fabrics In Hygiene Manufacturer believes that non-woven fabrics can be classified according to different manufacturing processes:

1. Spunlaced non-woven fabric: The high-pressure fine water jet hot air non-woven fabric is sprayed onto one or more layers of fiber web to make the fibers entangled with each other so that the fiber web can be reinforced and has a certain strength.

2. Heat-bonded non-woven fabric: refers to the fiber-like or powdery hot-melt bonded hot-air-rolled non-woven fabric in the fiber web, and the fiber web is then reinforced by heating and melting to form a cloth. Such as Baby Diaper Nonwovens Fabrics.

3. Pulp air-laid non-woven fabric: It can also be called dust-free paper, dry papermaking non-woven fabric. It adopts the air-laid skill to open the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber condition, and then uses the airflow method to agglomerate the fiber on the mesh curtain, and the fiber mesh is further reinforced into a cloth.

Baby Diaper Nonwovens Fabrics

Baby Diaper Nonwovens Fabrics

4. Wet-laid non-woven fabric: the fibrous material placed in the aqueous medium is opened into a single fiber, and the different fibrous materials are mixed together to form a fiber suspension slurry, and the suspended pulp is transported to the networked structure, and the fiber is in a wet state. Reinforce the cloth into a cloth.

5. Spunbond non-woven fabric: After the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form a continuous filament, the filament is laid into a net, and the web is bonded by itself, thermally bonded, chemically bonded or mechanically reinforced. The method is to make the web into a non-woven fabric.

6. Non-woven fabric: It is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. The stitching method is to use a warp-knitted coil to construct a web, a yarn layer, non-woven materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or Their combination is reinforced to form a nonwoven fabric.

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